Thursday, January 22, 2009

nutrition for life

I never thought I would say this, but, i want to go back to school so bad.

for either:

A. naturopathic medicine


B. natural foods nutrition/health

i also want to learn how to be a natural foods chef!! So I can teach people what foods to eat in order to alleviate certain ailments.

Just looking at all these schools and classes online is getting my panties in a bunch!

I’ll wait until I am done touring and Jason and I know where exactly we want to settle down. but GAH I wanna go now!


*Teresa* said...

what schools are you looking into?! Im thinking I wanna do the same thing and have been researching a lot since im off tour right now

courtneytothemax said...

welll i have just been googling: schools to become a holistic nutritionist and looking at the different schools that come up. So far I really like Bastyr University in Seattle or Nutrition Therapy Institute in Denver. I get so excited looking up classes! I really wanna find somewhere in NY or Chicago though!!

Kari Geha said...

Good for you Courtney!!! Yeah Im on my break from school now, but I do wanna go back. Weird to say, but I do kind of miss it too haha