Friday, March 13, 2009

real world is taping us as we get off our plane tomorrow. FML
the social anxiety is at an all time high. WTF. where is this even coming from?

in other news, i leave for Cancun tomorrow on tour. Then off to Panama City (WOO SPRING BREAK! SHOW YER BOOBZ!) then sxsw in Austin, then we start the AP tour. *phew* it's gonna be a long week.

Thursday, March 5, 2009


i'm on tour with Katy Perry in Europe. EPIC

my european vaca part 2

this is long overdue...again!

soo after Amsterdam we took a train to Paris. oh Paireeeeee! We walked like a mile to our hotel past all these dudes in leather jackets on street corners selling marobolo ciggies. "marobolo marobolo marobolo" they'd yell at you while shoving packs in your face. um NEEXT. We ended up staying like a block away from the venue we were playing at like a week later (30h3/katy perry show) which ruled. I ate a ton of paninis and falafel oh and cheese and bread..bleh i can't wait to come home to mexi food!
Our first night was Allyce's birthday, we went to a lovely italian dinner and then had a few drinks and called it an early night.
The next day we went on a 3 and 1/2 hour walking tour of Paris which ruled so hard. Our tour guide had hot pink hair and was on a US Big Brother and knows a friend of mine from weird. We learned all about Napoleon and his dick and tons of other fun facts. like: Napoleon got an STD and the way they treated stds back then was to just cut your dick off! Apparently they cut it off in 3 pieces and some dude in Dallas bought a piece of it, and now there is a museum in Dallas where you can go and see it? hahaha uhhhh. fun stuff! We also saw a bridge that is older than the US that Henry the 4th built and upon building it he had a huge party with 300 of his closest friends, got them wasted, then had an artist sketch their faces, which are all now carved down the bridge. Its funny cause all their faces look wasted and fucked up. haha

after the tour we pulled our tour guide, James, aside and asked him where all the good places to go were to have a good time. he offered to take us out cause he and his fiance were starved for some american hangouts! They kept throwing beers and shots at us the whole night it ruled. The first place we went was this stock exchange bar-most genuis idea ever. Then we went to some bar i dont remember then ended up at a metal bar. James ended up getting so wasted he threw up alll over his fiance and my leggings. Then Alex fell smack on his face and was bleeding everywheree. we thought he had lost a tooth or 2. We went to take a cab home, Alex halfway got in, but the cabby wouldnt turn around to take us the other direction so we got out and after he sped off i looked down and realized alex had lost a shoe in the cab haha so good!! I also peed in a train station at one point in the night. Most epic night of the trip.
The next day we went to the catacombs and I found out I can become klosterphobic in some circumstances and that sucked, but still, human bones stacked for miles was an amazing thing to see. We went to the eiffel tower and did that whole thing too.
We took a train from Paris to London after that. London was by far my favorite city for eating. They had tons of vegetarian places! Finally no more cheese and bread! We didn't do tooo much in London. Just explored around our hotel in Camden and went out a little bit (all the bars closed by like 1:30am). I want to move back to London for a bit I think.
Finally, Peter picked me up from our hostel to start our journey to the tour. We hired Peter as our driver/helper with tour managing with all the European stuff.
We took a 20 hour ferry from a place 2 hours outside of London to somewhere in Denmark and then had a 10 hour drive to Sweden.

I'll leave it at that for now. I'll update the rest later. latah alligatahz!

Monday, February 23, 2009

my european vaca part 1

So where to begin? I know I am super behind on this but I want to go back and relive the past 2 weeks. Its been 2 weeks to the day since I got to Europe.
The first day was brutal. It took Allyce, Alex and I 24 hours to get here. We got on a plane from Denver to Charlotte, then took a plane from Charlotte to Frankfurt, Germany. Then from there we took a 6 hour train from Frankfurt to Berlin. Upon arriving in Berlin we were stoked and completely exhausted but had to jump on a bus that took us 45 mins to get remotely near to our hostel, then we walked about 20 mins along the Berlin wall, FINALLY arriving at our hostel. Starving from our travels we went to a restaurant next door to our hostel. While Allyce and Alex were reading the menu completely oblivious to our surroundings, I looked next to me and a cook (or at least he looked like a cook) was standing outside in a plastic looking apron holding a knife while casually smoking a cigarette. The first image that came to my mind was that movie Hostel and I freaked. Not wanting to let him know that I was onto him I calmly tried giving Allyce and Alex death stares letting them know we needed to leave like right now. Hahaha they never even noticed the guy, just thought I really didn’t like their menu.
We went to Jason’s show the next day. Went to the venue around noon so I could see my man. I was so excited to see him I had butterflies in my stomach. *sigh*
Had an amazing night with him and his dudes in Berlin. I kicked some girl off the bus that was barfing down the sleeve of her sweatshirt. haha

After Berlin we took a train to Amsterdam. Probably the most exciting couple days of the trip. We stayed in a cool hostel right in the heart of the town…every room had a different theme . I wish we had gotten the stoli vodka or transformers themed one! Instead we got an Eastpack theme one night and the second night was like a time travel theme or something? Idk.
The first night there we all got so drunk we don’t really remember much.
We bought weed and did that whole ditty the second day. I only took a hit and actually felt pretty giddy. i also got weed ice tea. We saw a live sex show for allyce’s birthday and well it was….interesting. hahaha

well we're in copenhagen, denmark right now and ive gotta get back to the show so i will finish the rest of my vacation to paris and london in another blog.

ta ta for now!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

i have been updating this a lot with pics:

I will do a legit European blog update soon!

Friday, February 6, 2009

i leave for europe on monday! god i can't believe its come up so fast! and i get to see jason in Berlin on Tuesday! Get at me before then if you guys wanna hang. otherwise we'll be hangin on the e-ternet for the next month... :)

Thursday, January 29, 2009

angela told me something today that changed my life.

Live in the Present.

I am already feeling better about life again. I am on my way back up to the top!
also, i got a pair of cute new boots for FREE today from target cause the woman forgot to ring them in and i didn't realize till i was out of the store!

video chatting is my new favorite thing. let's do it. [that's what she said]

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

i think i was meant to be a vampire

and i secretly wish i could be one....only to marry edward cullen, though. haha okay but seriously though. vampires don't need sleep. i wish i didn't need sleep. the feeling that there is not enough time in a day has hit harder than ever before.

i have been going through a ton of changes in my life. pretty much everyone around me gets drunk pretty much every night. not that i am hating whatsoever, i'm just at a different point in my life and i wish i had a friend to hang sober with me. do yoga, cook with, go on roadtrips, go on picture adventures with. you know, the yewge.
sigh. i miss chicago more than i can put into words. i wish i could move back tomorrow.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

3am thoughts.

I am starting to think that I never really learned how to be social without alcohol.

I am changing sober day (and a few drunk days here and there) at a time.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

nutrition for life

I never thought I would say this, but, i want to go back to school so bad.

for either:

A. naturopathic medicine


B. natural foods nutrition/health

i also want to learn how to be a natural foods chef!! So I can teach people what foods to eat in order to alleviate certain ailments.

Just looking at all these schools and classes online is getting my panties in a bunch!

I’ll wait until I am done touring and Jason and I know where exactly we want to settle down. but GAH I wanna go now!

Monday, January 19, 2009

great morning.

i just got off the phone with Jason about an hour ago. He called me at 4am. That’s 8 hours on the phone! I could never do that with anyone else. I love that boy more than life itself. I have never had a relationship come so natural. I finally found someone who can peel back all those layers and expose my most raw of emotions. Someone who understands me. and the best part? It’s mutual. I feel so content and have never been more certain about my future.